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Rob Soeters

Rob Soeters

He is 41 years old living in the city of Arnhem in the east part of the Netherlands. He is a Senior Advisor and originally went to Higher Vocational Education left with a Bachelors degree in Personnel Management.
He took his first steps in the world of Traffic and Mobility management in1990 by becoming one of the first Mobility management Transport coordinator of the Netherlands. More knowledge was gained the last 15 years from working extensively with public and private organisations, learning what "moves" people. Speciale training were attended focussing on: Project management, Presentation techniques, Media training (how to approach the private sector) and by working for 6 weeks at Commuter Transportation Service, Los Angeles, USA. Rob is now employed by Verkeer.advies a foundation grounded by two regional government ROA and the province of North-Holland and supported by the Chamber of Commerce. Apart from this he also runs a small consultancy. He is a member of the institute of Highways and Transportation in the UK (MIHT) and Facility management Netherlands (FMN).
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