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Dani Sßnchez-Crespo

Is one of the leading voices in game research around Spain and Europe. His academic career started in 1997, working as a researcher on user interfaces and virtual reality at Universitat PolitŔcnica de Catalunya, in Barcelona, Spain. In the year 2000, he moved on and became Professor of Video Game Programming at La Salle School of Multimedia Engineering. In 2001, he founded Europe's first Master's Degree in Video Game Creation, held at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where he still teaches and serves as the degree's Director. He has been invited to teach seminars in places from Portugal to California and New Zealand. His research interests range from technology for video games, game design, and mathematical structures for nature. He's written three books, the last being ôCore Techniques and algorithms in Game Programmingö, thru New Riders/Prentice-Hall. This book is currently being used as the reference textbook in many degrees about game development worldwide, has been translated into Chinese, Korean and Japanese, and is one of the world's top-selling texts on Game Programming at sites like Amazon.
As an entrepreneur, Dani's been very active in the Spanish new economy arena. At age 23, he was one of the founders of Parfumsnet, Spain oldest e-commerce site, which reached a market value of $8M. At age 25 he became the CTO of Secretariaplus, where he led a 24-people team distributed in five countries to create a vertical portal for the office assistant consisting of well over 35,000 documents. He left the company at its peak, with a market value beyond $20M. Two years after, the company is still going strong and feeds 20 people. His most recent venture is Novarama, a game development studio focused on new forms of entertainment for the masses. Founded in 2002, Novarama was supported by the Spanish Government through numerous grants, and has been recently awarded as Catalunya's 3rd most innovative company for the year 2003. It has been featured in media outlets such as The Adrenaline Vault and, most recently, appeared in The Wall Street Journal as an example of corporate strategy. Among its clients, companies like Ubi Soft (6th worldwide games publisher), Cromosoma (Spain's biggest TV production house) and Planeta (the biggest Spanish-speaking publishing house in the world). Novarama has worked on games for PS2, Gamecube, PC and Game Boy Advance. The company is now working on Fallen Lords: Condemnation, a PC+Xbox title scheduled for launch workdwide in Christmas 2005. The title was presented at E3 2004 among rave reviews, and IP rights have been negotiated for comic books and toys by some of the top publishers in the world.

Finally, Dani is involved in a variety of side-activities and events. He is the co-director of ArtFutura, Spain's main multimedia festival (18,000 attendees). He's member of the jury at the Independent Games Festival (San Jose, California), and has been a staff member at the Game Developer's Conference since 1999. He has been Course Reviewer for Siggraph'97, and has written over forty articles for media outlets such as Byte Magazine or Game Developer Magazine. In his free time, Dani is a free-lance consultant for several new media companies, from mobile entertainment to web portals, likes to lecture, and help countries establish game studies and enterpreneurship support programs.
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